18 March 2005

Her Obsession (by Rachel E.)


She stands naked in front of the mirror
staring at her reflection and wondering
why she does not look like the models
pictured in the centerfolds of magazines
with seductive eyes and perfect bodies
She stares at her image while
tears glide down her cheeks
She closes her eyes
and wishes she was light enough to fly
like an angel fallen from heaven
Her obsession grows
as she worships at the altar of her mirror
And soon she is caught up
in a web of self-destruction
that clings to her body like a demon
She performs secret late-night rituals
kneeling on the cold, hard tile of her bathroom floor
purging her body of the day's sins
and praying for salvation
from her obsession
Her self-esteem can be shattered
as easily as a stained glass window
Light filters through the shadows of her addiction
shining brightly onto sunken cheeks and shameful eyes
Striving for perfection but always coming up short
Her body craves for attention,
her soul pleads for love
No hope is in sight
And no one can see her suffering
She is alone
She lives in a society
that chokes us with images
but starves us for solutions
She hides her secret well
No one knows her obsession

by Rachel E. (2005)