30 March 2005

Free (by J Ebon Proctor Sr)


Hey everybody look at me I’m FREE.
Not like sumthin’ that don’t cost nuthin’
But FREE of the stress, and life’s little tests.
Not allowing things to make me feel less.
Than equal.. cuz’ people.
Are transparent and see through
But today I’m FREE.
Walking up & down these streets.
Livin , breathin’, & sleepin’ in peace.
FREE, knowin’ where I’m goin’
That’s why this poem is flowin
Cuz’ I’m FREE.
To live and love myself.
Not too proud to ask for help.
If I need it
Let the enemy be defeated.
Even on the days I feel cheated.
I don’t join it cuz’ I can beat it.
Let me be FREE.
To be intelligent let drama be irrelevant.
I can give it to you straight without sellin’ it
My knowledge is FREE.
Stop taking these kids to jails.
If they can’t see their dad “oh well”
They should wanna stay FREE.
Like a high school education.
Instead of livin’ on a civilized plantation.
My destination is FREE.
To spread the word that God Is Love.
Can’t go to church but can go to the club
Before 12 when it’s FREE.
What I’m telling you ain’t no joke.
The word of God and your spiritual growth.
Both are FREE.
The best thing I did in my life
Was give myself to christ
Because now I’m FREE..

J Ebon Proctor Sr 2005

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