16 April 2005

Left Behind (by Bezawit W.)

Left Behind

Pointing fingers at the wise
The day gets dark, as time passes by
The doors are closing you can tell by the sky
It’s too late to go back
Why didn’t you take those chances in the past

Taking the easy way out
Deters future success and instills in doubt
Listening to good advice isn’t conforming
Right now it’s better to do as you’re told
So Later you can work on becoming bold

Working in prison each day
Hoping the boss doesn’t pass by your way
Hiding out with the rest
People like you are known to gossip and stick out their chest

The emptiness and depression has settled
People have turned their backs
Now you only wish they would come back
Obviously ignorance was your worst quality
Don’t sit back and relax as pride eats away at your morality

Now’s not the time to think of the disappointed faces
And all the predestined places
You can’t even look people in their eyes
Knowing all that it would take to rise
To erase the despise
from their hearts and minds

Today’s a new beginning
The long awaited sun peaks through the clouds
Now you have a great outlook on life
Two jobs, school, and an honest friend
But you’re always uncertain when the happiness may end

By Bezawit W.


Anonymous said...

he it what i fill wrghit know
my name is also bezawit
good go a head i wishe to read you agen

Anonymous said...

Beza u know who this is, you are a great writer...I will never leave you behind because I will always have love 4 you.