03 January 2006

A Teacher’s Joy (by Peggy Street)

A Teacher’s Joy

Dedicated to the many children
who have touched my life over the years

A teacher’s joy is found
In each unfolding day.
It’s written in the smiles
Of children as they play.

It’s there among hands raised,
Amidst the stories told,
Small voices offering praise,
A hand reached out to hold.

It’s in each work of art,
Each masterpiece prepared,
The look in eager eyes
As new learning is shared.

My joy is in the growth
Of children as they learn,
And as they do they teach
Me so much in return.

I’m happy for the time
With each dear girl and boy;
Remember as you go
That you have been my joy!

-- By Peggy Street

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Bill said...

Thanks, Peggy!