05 June 2010


by Lorri Barrier

In memory of Vickie Honeycutt

“One must have chaos in one, to give birth to a dancing star. I tell you, you still have chaos in you. “ ~Fredrick Nietzsche

We are stars
winking at each other
across the universe.
We glow, burn and die,
our light glorious in the black sky.
A blanket for the moon--
a quilt of wishes.
Stargazers know
some stars are gone.
The light reaching the eye
is older than a thousand grandmothers.

A constellation of memory--
Summer lightning bugs
the first red bud of spring
a maple tree in fall—all burning, burning.
Our winter breath frost
so cold it burns us, too.
Catch my dreams, sister star,
make me believe they are possible
the way you did then
when your light was housed in flesh
and hope poured from your pen.

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