22 February 2005

24 Hours (by J Ebon Proctor Sr)

24 Hours

If The Whole World Were Blind We Would'nt See Color.
All Women Would Be Sisters All Men Would Be Brothers.
If No One Was Homeless And Everyone Could Eat.
No Nations At War We'd All Live In Peace.
If The Poor Were Rich And The Rich Were Poor.
We'd All Appreciate Each Other So Much More.
If Nobody Cared If You're Straight Or Gay.
If They're A Good Person Treat Them That Way.
If There Were No Illness All In Good Health.
We'd Wake Up Each Day Feeling Good About Ourselves.
If Children Were Parents And Parents Were Children.
Inside We'll Understand How Each Other's Feeling.
If I Could Give My Heart To You.
You'd Feel Like Me I'd Feel Like You.
If I Was The Person Who Had This Power.
I'd Change The World For Just 24 Hours.

J Ebon Proctor Sr

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