22 February 2005

In My Days, We Had Fun (by J Ebon Proctor Sr 2004)

In My Days, We Had Fun.

Let me take you back, Back into time.
When life was fun, and things were just fine.
When you woke up in the morn, and all day you were gone.
But kids had their butts home before the street lights came on.
Remember all the good shows like The Jeffersons & Good Times.
Fellas, remember the penny loafers when you put in the dimes.
Or the bike gangs, All day we would ride.
Ladies, remember wearing those blue gym suits outside.
Remember 8 or 9 kids puttin’ in their feet.
Sayin’ my mama & yo mama playin’ hide & go seek.
Everywhere you went was with all of your friends.
Remember schoolboy glasses with the initials on the lens.
I love the days, When things were much better.
I had my name across my shirt with those iron- on letters.
We would be on the court playin’ around the world.
I know you remember the Commodores & Potsey Girls.
When we wore Lee jeans and shell tops on our feet.
When “The Hub” used to be on the other side of the street.
Where Wal-Mart is was JC Penney for us.
We used to stand in the hallway to catch the YATA bus.
Remember representin’ your side of town.
Or going to the Chang Chow when you could sit down.
When the Princess St center was the spot to dance.
Nobody got shot, We fought with our hands.
This is my Old School poem.. now I am done.
Even though we didn’t have a lot, We had fun.

J Ebon Proctor Sr 2004

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Jessica T said...

Hey Proc,
Sorry it took so long to check out the site. I truly enjoy reading your poems. You have a way of making connections with the young and the old. Because we sure did have fun and true as it is we did not have alot. But those were some of my best years.

Keep doing what you doing.
ALWAYS PROUD, your sister

Keep doing what you do