04 March 2005

Refrigerator Note (by J Ebon Proctor Sr)

Refrigerator Note

Since I was a kid, see some things have changed.
It’s sort of strange, It’s not the same.
Really it a shame , Kids nowadays don’t make up games.
When was the last time you were coming down the street.
And saw some kids playing hide -n- go seek.
All day they wanna watch B.E.T.
And to you young brothers, You need to pull up your jeans.
See society says you’re nothing but crooks.
If you want to hide something from our youth
Put it in a book.
No imagination to play station they’re hooked.
What happened to those parents that gave you that LOOK!
Those were the parents that took respect.
If not you knew they would break your neck.
When elders came around you did understand.
When they called your name you replied “YES MA’AM”.
We gotta get control, before it gets worse.
Be cool with your kids later, Be A parent 1st.
They put their hand out when you get your cash out.
18 years old … But can’t put the trash out.
Makes you want to put their a** out.
Ain’t no free rides if you live in my house.
So if you want to come and go as you please.
Pay your own rent, Get your own keys.
I won’t put you out or even ask you to leave.
But if you live in my house...you listen to ME!!
Remember what I said I’ll see you later.
This is the note left for me on my mom's refrigerator.

J Ebon Proctor Sr 2005

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