11 March 2005

Time (by J. Love Kearse)


There was time
When I stood upon the mountain peak
And saw set before me, my destiny
Received it as prophecy that eventually
Would be fulfilled in me
In time
Yet I’m
Impatiently waiting, my faith is fading, my hope is deflating
I’m frustratedly debating and contemplating
How I’m navigating this journey that God is stating
About where I’m situated
In time
And trying not to negate it
But time
Is fleeting and beating me to death
Defeating me at best
Depleting me of rest
It’s time
That I struggle with, time is what I have trouble with
Time it keeps me humble yet, I want the prophecies
Fulfillment on the double
But time
Turns oh taste and see, into just wait and see
Though it’s hastening, time it still wasted be-
Cause of complacency
In time
That causes me to srcap with my humanity
Grapple with the divinity that god has placed into me
At times
Where Jesus speaks from eternity understanding that eternity
Sits outside of the periphery
Of time
I know that your spirit is upon me because you have anointed me
To be what I was born to be
But it takes time
And the eternal word is bound by time
Because the Word is in me, and I’m, inside, the confines of
Which is a rarity and an oddity, my hottest commodity
Yet and still it takes a lot for me
To mange time
Time that I don’t have, time slips thru my grasp,
Ticking into my future but tying me to my past
Its time
That keeps me flowing, drives me to keep going,
Striving to keep growing
Thru time
Time that befriended me, turned into my enemy
Then it lent itself to me, hurts me yet is helping me
As God deposits wealth in me
Over time
So in time
I stand again, atop the mountain, to see the fulfillment
Of what was meant to be then, at my journeys end
There’s my old friend

By J. Love Kearse 3/6/05

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