11 August 2005

Her Love You (J. Ebon Proctor Sr.)

By the light of the candle
I see her silhouette.
Her frame is not her name.
But if you want her pleasures.
You have to deal with past, present.
And future endeavors.
The epitome of what she is about.
Makes GOD! The man of the house.
Coastin’ past emotions.
Supersede all her needs.
What used to be acceptable.
Now has to be liable and respectable.
So far from the action.
That was faked out for satisfaction.
No love… til the phone call after the club.
Finding out the pedestal
Is a step down from the crown.
If or when she answers that phone.
Thinking do you want me?
Or do you want mine?
What’s on the clock?
Or my time?
Wasted years, tasted tears for water.
Sometimes it takes pain.
To get life in order.
Better is in front of you.
Heaven is above you.
But before he loves her.
Her has to love you.

--- J. Ebon Proctor Sr (2005)

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